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Monday 19 March 2018

Everything you've ever wondered about Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto currencies

This presentation will cover the History of Bitcoin, the Blockchain technology, the Financial value of Crypto currencies and Business applications in today's world.

Guest speakers: Nicolas Etienne and Pavel Krasikov

Nicolas Etienne is a driven entrepreneur with a background in Management, Finance and information system technologies. He comes from a family of traditional jewellers, however has taken another direction within new tech innovation. He specialises in cryptographic security as well as Blockchain technology. He's the Co-Founder and managing director of 143Venture a young startup in cybersecurity and computing power for crypto currencies. 

Pavel Krasikov specialises in the consultancy of crypto implementations. Originating from Moscow, he has a strong background in economics, finance, and information technologies. He co-founded 143Venture and is in charge of the consultancy and management of global projects. 


Venue: UK Mission, 58 Avenue Louis Casaï, 1216 Cointrin - Geneva

Time: 6pm - 8pm

Entrance fee: 20CHF (cash only), to cover our costs for drinks and nibbles.

Registration: Register online (see below).



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